Thursday, October 4, 2007

Web 2 Tools

Here is the link to my Delicious account where I've put sites about various web2 tools.

Tool for blogging

Here's something for you to try if you are using a Mac - widget for your dashboard which allows you to quickly make blog posts without having to go online.

The advantage of a tool like this is that you can quickly record ideas and define which blog they go into. Here is an image of me setting it up on my Mac. Excellent possibilities here.

I've labelled this post with techie and tool plus put a link to the right so you can find all items we post.

Welcome to this workshop

Welcome to this workshop about learning portfolios. Please check out these instructions before we start. Here is the link to download the inspiration mindmap with loads of links to other sites/reference/etc. You can get a trial copy by clicking this link. I hope you find this helpful.

I hope you learn some useful new skills which you can transfer into your classroom/school. I also hope to be able to learn from you.


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Learning portfolios

Have just been to a sensational session about learning portfolios with Rob Clarke from Fendalton Primary school. We have looked at using blogs for learning portfolios and the ways that children have been using these as reflection tools and logs of their own learning. I have also learned about di lic ous (not sure about that spelling) and will be looking at exactly how this works and how I can use this for reducing my workload. Lynne's class at TAI have been into the blogging since the beginning of the year so I will be referring to that as well. I would like to examine the benefits for families of using blogs as a learning reflection tool too. I do think that having parents being able to be right on the learning journey and actively participate in the feedback process will be beneficial to the children.

We will need to be looking at the digital safety and ethics involved in blogging as a result of this shift too. Further research is necessary on this from my part.

All in all... looking forward to this journey :-)

Thanks Rob

The big thing for me was a clearer understanding of the use of tags. I am going to be a much better blog facilitator because of this. I have only just started doing this WEB 2 stuff with teachers and students. You have have also given us some very useful links. I also agreeDe-li-cio-us is absolutely great. Have you used google notes - new and really cool.
John P

Issue - Coping with Digital Safety

Here are some links relating to Digital Safety:
Fendalton's Digital Safety Site. It will open in a new window.

Here is the link to my Delicious account pages relating to digital safety. Some of these are sites, others are movies on youtube. Some relate to general concepts such as privacy, sharing personal information, while others are specific to particular technologies such as blogs.

Here is a snippet of the movies I've found on youtube:

Here is a link searching youtube for 'internet safety'. You could also do a search on teachertube for the same keywords.

I hope you find these helpful.

Great session

Wonderful session today thank you. If I was thinking of this in terms of an Ignorance Log I have been working in the unknown area. So much to learn but looks like fun. Need some time now to play around with it. Keep up the good work. Very worthwhile session.

an eye opener

Thanks Rob for the very interesting and practical workshop. I'm thinking about the applications of this for the senior secondary classroom - where we are trying to encourage feedback before summative assessment. Blogs could also be a great place for media students to share their work with a gobal audience (thinking about how to circumvent curly copyright issues though!)

Delicious link

This is my link to delicious

Great workshop

Great hands-on practical session. Megan from Toko on the 'Forgotten Highway'

Great site - Te Awamutu Intermediate

Here is a fabulous example of a blog site. Click here to view it

Issue new blogger - using it with NE kids

Issue - how will this be of benefit to New Entrants - many of whom are unable to read or write.

first time blogger

Excited about learning to use another tool to communicate with the wider community and that allows children to share their work!!!!

Issue - making this manageable in the classroom

I am wondering how to make blogging easy in the classroom. What can I do if children forget their username and passwords?

I'm also on the hunt for practical ideas from people as they learn to use these tools in their situations...


Any suggestions on how to use with New Entrants?

Delicious and the rest...

Thanks for today. There is plenty of new learning going on for me and I can see loads of applications for the class and school I teach at. Is the blog page we are reaching you on now one that we can continue to use to communicate with you post-conference?

Management of Tags Richard

I think that deciding on whys and hows to tag a site would be very important. Is this all about sharing sites or particular pages within sites...

I guess you could have an classroom inquiry and use the tags to index good places to go?>

Is it all about organsing material for others and yourself to use??

Is a wiki easier??


My head is spinning

Being a first time blogger this is all making my head spin but I can see great ways I can use this.

Delicious could be used as a way of listing sites that students could go to (I think). For example maybe you have a list of maths websites you want them to go to.

My students are reluctant to express how they are feeling about their work and learning but I am sure they would love to do a blog.

Now all I need is a few extra hours in the day to learn all this.


What is your definition of a learning portfolio? How is it different to a wikispace or is it? Is it's main purpose to share what's currently happening in the class with the community and unlike a webpage it can be added to with ease?

How many is to many???

Is there a limit to how many individual children's links/pages can be houses from a blog? An example is a kindergarten has 90 children. Off the main kindergarten blog site potently each child will have their own "portfolio" page that has a private component that family can view. Will the main blog page enable/support this in a simplistic way?


What about privacy for kids when we post their images on the net? I followed your links to 2 schools, Appleby and another school, and there were images of children readily available to me. How do you resolve/ deal with this when it comes to less savoury characters viewing these images?


Can I write subscripts, superscripts and other symbols needed for Chemistry in a posting?

Class Blogs

We have been using class blogs for the past year. Our next step is to have individual children saving their own work on their own blog for others and parents to view. What sort of work have your children been posting, how often and how have you managed the logistics of 30 children at different levels of competence and a limited number of computers.
Also how have you changed teachers perceptions to have this as an integral part of the learning process rather than an add-on when there is some spare time

Use of Delicious

I have never used Delicious before. I can see that it will be really useful for keeping track of all the sites I visit (and lose).
In the classroom setting I can use it to make a list of sites the children can use and break it down into curriculum areas eg. reading activities, math activities.

How else would you use it?



I have the vision but don t know the tools, nor how to use them. I am finding workshops such as this very useful. I realise I still have hours and hours of authentic practice to do before anything else.
Question - who are the local gurus in auckland who can support this process once Ulearn is over and we are all back into our own personal focuses again?

Hi there! New Blogger Alert!!!!!

I am just learning to blog and it is all new to me!! I have started two blog sites and don't really know where to go from there! How do I use it with my 5 year olds???
Can you help?

Mathematical symbols

How does it cope with Mathematical symbols

My first blog

Wow, this has all been a little overwhelming for me, and I am trying to sort out in my head how I might use this in my classroom. The ironic thing is that I am sure that all my students know already what I might want them to do with this....

Issue - public or private?

To what extent should children's portfolios be published to an audience wider than those they personally choose to enter?
e.g. is it appropriate for any parent to be able to view the work of any child?
Traditionally we have not allowed parents to browse other children's work, so should work published online be only that which might be on a classroom wall?


Test fileden albums

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Snapshot from Classroom

Here is a short movie from my classroom to illustrate how the children are using their portfolios:

Instruction - set up a Delicious account

Set up a Delicious account by clicking this link. Make your username your name if possible. Rob's username is 'robclarke'.

Once you have done this check your email, then click the link to activate your new Blogger account.

Instruction - set up a Blogger account

Set up a Blogger account by clicking this link. Make your username your name if possible. Rob's username is 'robclarke'.

Once you have done this check your email, then click the link to activate your new Blogger account.

Instruction - set up a YouTube account

Set up a YouTube account by clicking this link. Once you have signed up, click the link sent to your email to activate your YouTube account.

You can Rob's YouTube playlists here...