Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Learning portfolios

Have just been to a sensational session about learning portfolios with Rob Clarke from Fendalton Primary school. We have looked at using blogs for learning portfolios and the ways that children have been using these as reflection tools and logs of their own learning. I have also learned about di lic ous (not sure about that spelling) and will be looking at exactly how this works and how I can use this for reducing my workload. Lynne's class at TAI have been into the blogging since the beginning of the year so I will be referring to that as well. I would like to examine the benefits for families of using blogs as a learning reflection tool too. I do think that having parents being able to be right on the learning journey and actively participate in the feedback process will be beneficial to the children.

We will need to be looking at the digital safety and ethics involved in blogging as a result of this shift too. Further research is necessary on this from my part.

All in all... looking forward to this journey :-)

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