Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Issue new blogger - using it with NE kids

Issue - how will this be of benefit to New Entrants - many of whom are unable to read or write.


  1. Hey Karyn,

    I totally hear your question. Thanks for asking! One of the aspects we didn't go into in depth was the use of imagery, sound and possibly video.

    When starting off I'd suggest you start off as a shared experience with your little ones, with you scribing their learning stories. Consider using images and getting the kids to share their ideas about their experiences.

    You could record voice snippets, with a tools such as podomatic to record kids' ideas. These can easily be embedded into a blog or other tool.

    I hope this helps you, enjoy the rest of the conference.

    Rob ;-)

  2. Hi Karen
    This is the second time I have entered a comment here (glad I switched to edublogs and learner blogs!)
    Anyway I think you need to focus on podcasts or even using VoiceThread which allows you to post pictures with audio.

  3. Hi there

    I wasn't in your workshop, but I am just being nosy as I have an interest in e-portfolios (hope you don't mind)... you might like to look at this ECE blog (Manaia Kindergarten) if you haven't already - it may be relevant to your question. It contains a variety of learning stories in different formats...

    All the best