Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Issue - public or private?

To what extent should children's portfolios be published to an audience wider than those they personally choose to enter?
e.g. is it appropriate for any parent to be able to view the work of any child?
Traditionally we have not allowed parents to browse other children's work, so should work published online be only that which might be on a classroom wall?


  1. That's a really good point because we don't let parents come in a look at what other students are doing in their books.

    I guess if students are aware that what they are posting is viewable by others they will consider what is relevant to post.

    I think that we have more privacy issues than the kids do. They are probably proud to share their thoughts, ideas and work.

  2. I guess it might be age or ability of your kids. Although I have an accelerate class there is a huge range in ability in English but every kids work is available for the world to see. My problem at the moment is those who don't bother checking their spelling and grammar and I'm hoping that feedback from others will encourage them to be more careful in checking their work before they publish!